Insurance Job In USA | 10 Best insurance visa sponsorship jobs

Insurance Job In USA | Visa Sponsorship Insurance Jobs USA | Employment job in USA | 10 Best insurance visa sponsorship jobs

Insurance Job In USA: Insurance is a large and diverse industry that offers a wide range of job opportunities for individuals with a variety of skills and experience. Many insurance companies in the United States sponsor visas for foreign workers

What is Sponsorship

Visa sponsor term is used simply for people who cover all the expenses for the ones who do not have an income certificate to pay their expenses during their travel abroad.  Many countries, especially Schengen members, require information on visa applicants or students who are not working or paying for their travel expenses. People covering the expenses are, therefore, called a sponsor.  If you’re thinking of going abroad but if you’re not an employee on payroll, pensioner or farmer, you’re going to need a sponsor. 

Why Do I Need a Sponsor?

A sponsor is requested if there is no proof that travel expenses can be covered by the visa applicant. This means that if your bank account does not have the amount requested for the last three months, you will need a sponsor. 

Who Can Be a Visa Sponsor?

The requirements to be a visa sponsor, are determined by the rules. Only one of your 1st grade legal parental guardians can be your sponsor. First-degree relatives; mothers, fathers, wives, and children can also be sponsors. In cases where there is not a first-degree relative, you can present your legal guardian as a sponsor with the necessary documents. For those whose father is retired from working, can show his pension as collateral. Those who say, “Only my mother is alive, and she is a housewife”, can show her second and third-degree relatives as sponsors but in some countries, this can create a problem. 

If the sponsor documents are requested along with the visa application form, the sponsor must prepare the following documents completely and accurately. 

  • An original-signed letter written by the sponsor
  • Sponsor’s business documents
  • Documents stating financial situation (vehicle license, home deed, bill of account, etc.)
  • Sponsor’s signatory circulars
  • A sample of the sponsor’s current certificate of identity register copy

How to Write a Visa Sponsorship Letter?

The visa sponsor letter is written by the standard rules. Below we share an example, If you want to go abroad and your mother or father is going to sponsor you, he or she will need to fill the form below. 

Available Insurance Jobs In USA

Below is a list of Current US Insurance jobs for 2020. If any of the above positions interest you, then scroll down to gather additional information on the job.

1.Insurance Agent- American National Insurance Company

American National Insurance Company is seeking the service of an Insurance Agent with an entrepreneurial mindset who is dedicated and willing to collaborate with other teammates to find solutions to insurance Challenges.

2.Insurance Telemarketing Specialist- MN Financial Services

MN Financial Services is seeking the service of an Insurance Telemarketing Specialist with high energy and people skills who will collaborate with teammates to fulfill the company’s vision of helping clients prevent risks.

3.Auto Claims Adjuster- Safe Auto

Safe Auto is a fast-growing insurance company with a work focus on providing affordable car insurance to clients. We are seeking the service of an Auto Claims Adjuster with analytical and people skills who is able to multi-task and use time wisely.

4.Insurance Sales Representative- Aflac

Aflac is a leading insurance company with a mission of providing healthcare coverage to protect families. We are seeking the service of an Insurance Sales Representative with strategic and prospecting skills who is self-motivated to build a connection with prospects.

5.Customer Service Representative- Penn National Insurance

Penn National Insurance has a focus on providing innovative solutions and relationship-driven business model. We are seeking the service of a Customer Service Representative with excellent customer experience and time management skills.

6.Customer Service Representative- First Source Healthcare

First Source Healthcare is seeking the service of a Customer Service Representative who is consistent, striving to communicate openly with clients, and good IT skills.

7.Insurance Customer Service Representative- Hugo Gonzalez State Farm Agency

Hugo Gonzalez State Farm Agency is seeking the service of an Insurance Customer Service Representative with excellent marketing skills who will help clients manage everyday life risk and provide solutions.

8.Patient Access Insurance Verifier- Alta Hospitals System, LLC

Alta Hospitals System is a hospital and affiliated medical group with a work focus on building a network of quality health care services. We are seeking to hire an Access Insurance Verifier who will manage patient’s coverage and maintain confidentiality with clients.

9.Subrogation Specialist- Erie Insurance

Insurance Job In USA

Erie Insurance is currently seeking the service of a Subrogation Specialist with insurance policy knowledge and analytical skill.

10.Policy Support Representative- Farmers Insurance Group

Farmers Insurance Group is seeking the service of a Policy Support Representative with excellent customer service experience, product knowledge, IT skills, and good interpersonal skills.

Including those in the following roles

  • Actuaries: These professionals use mathematical and statistical methods to calculate the likelihood and cost of potential events, such as accidents or natural disasters.
  • Underwriters: These professionals assess the risk of insuring a particular individual or business and determine the terms and conditions of coverage.
  • Claims Adjusters: These
  • professionals investigate and evaluate claims made by policyholders to determine the validity of the claim and the amount of compensation to be paid.
  • Sales Agents: These professionals sell insurance policies to individuals and businesses. They may work for a specific insurance company or be self-employed.
  • Risk Managers: These professionals help organizations identify and manage potential risks, such as natural disasters or cyber attacks.
  • Insurance Analysts: These professionals conduct research and analyze data to help insurance companies make informed decisions about products, pricing, and risk.
  • In order to work in the insurance industry in the United States, you will typically need a bachelor’s degree in a related field, such as business, economics, or mathematics. Additionally, many insurance jobs require specific certifications or licenses.


It’s important to note that the visa sponsorship process can be a complex and time-consuming process, and it’s best to consult with an immigration lawyer to help you navigate the process.

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