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ESIC Employee Login | How to Login ESIC Employee | ESIC Employee Eligibility

ESI represents Employees’ State Insurance Corporation. It is a self-funding social security and medical insurance scheme for Indian employees.

ESIC is managed by a staff member of the state insurance coverage corporation.

It operates according to guidelines and guidelines specified in the ESI Act, 1948. ESIC is an autonomous body and comes under the Ministry of Labor and Employment.

ESIC can be accessed at the ESIC website.

The Employees’ State Insurance Act, 1948 imagined a social security scheme that would safeguard the interests of IP members (employees).

Employees are covered by ESI in the event of illness, maternity, long-term or temporary physical disability, or death as a result of an on-the-job injury that results in a loss of wages or earning capacity.

What is ESIC and how does it work?

The Workers’ State Insurance Corporation (ESIC) is an independent entity under the Ministry of Labour and Employment.

The main goal of this company is to raise money for the Employees’ State Insurance (ESI) scheme.

This plan is primarily to cater to the medical requirements of the workers in India. It started off as a plan for factory workers today, including all the labour force utilized in the organized sector.

ESIC funds are mostly constructed out of contributions from workers and companies.

The percentage of contribution [( w.e.f. 01.07.2019)] made by the employer and worker differs; 3.25 % for companies and 0.75% for employees, making it an overall of 4% of the overall salaries paid.

It is handled by the ESIC according to the rules and regulations laid down in the ESI Act of 1948.

Employees in invoices of an everyday average wage up to Rs. 137/- are exempted from payment of contribution.

Companies will nevertheless contribute their own share with regard to these staff members.

ESIC Employee Eligibility

ESIC registration is obligatory for all companies with a labour force of more than 10 staff members.

To avail of these benefits and services offered by the ESIC, a person ought to fulfil specific criteria, set by the committee.

The scheme applies to –

  1. The wage limit of employees has been set at Rs. 21,000 monthly (Rs. 25,000/-per each month in the case of persons with disability)., to be qualified for the ESI scheme.

This became effective on January 1, January 2017.


The advantages of ESIC are that, apart from the complete medical protection for self and dependents, the insured is entitled to different benefits in times of physical distress due to illness or injury.

If the guaranteed person loses his capability to earn because of some work injury, occupational hazard or perhaps death then the dependents will be entitled to a month-to-month pension.

How to Login ESIC Employee Portal Online

ESIC (Employees’ State Insurance Corporation) is an organization under the Ministry of Labour and Employment, Government of India that provides social security and health insurance to employees and their dependents. ESIC has an online portal that allows employees to access their ESIC account and perform various functions like checking their contribution history, downloading their e-Pehchan card, and filing for various benefits.

ESIC login can be divided into two separate parts for clear understanding-

  • ESIC Employee login.
  • ESIC Employer Login.

Let us see these two kinds of ESIC login in detail-

ESIC Employee Login

An employee who has been registered on an ESIC website is referred to as an insured individual or a beneficiary.

A special ESIC insurance number is produced for each beneficiary.

To do ESIC employee login, an employee must go to the main ESIC website ( and click on the insured person/Beneficiary tab. 


ESIC employee login type will require details

like insurance number and password to perform login on the ESIC website.


after entering your User ID, and Password, clicking the login button will open your profile page.

On this page:

  • your personal information,
  • Benefits of ESIC
  • Your contribution Details
  • Claims made by you and
  • Other information will be available.


ESIC Employer Login

To do an ESIC company login, the employer needs to visit the ESIC Employer portal.

Information like employee family, family members’ addresses and details of clinics or dispensaries would be required on the ESIC website.

When a staff member is registered on the ESIC website, a distinct insurance number will be generated for each employee on the ESIC website.

What is the ESIC Employer Portal login process?

Any employer with more than 10 workers needs to register themselves within 15 days at the Employees’ State Insurance Corporation.

To do so, the employer is required to check out the online company website at

After the employer is done registering himself, he will get a 17-digit employer code number along with ESIC portal login qualifications (login and password).

If not signed up yet, click here to understand the registration process for ESIC.

The employer needs to check if the ’employer website’ is suitable for his browser.

The portal can be browsed by Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox and Opera browsers. But it is more compatible with Microsoft Edge or Mozilla Firefox.

What is the ESIC Employee Portal login procedure?

When the worker is signed up by the employer, he/she is described as an “insured individual’.

The insured person/employee can go to the employee portal to check their contribution to the ESI plan together with the benefits that they are entitled to.

The staff member can click the link attached to reach the employees’ portal:

This website is compatible with the majority of the web internet browsers.

The employee’s website will look similar to the picture connected below:

– Your username is your “insurance number’. Log in using your Insurance number and enter the captcha.

These steps were shown above

After logging in, you will be able to see the contributions made by you and your company towards this scheme.

You will also be able to see updates and other advantages that you can declare and are entitled to.

What Are Services Offered by Esic Portal?

The ESIC employer login portal offers a variety of services that are broadly divided into two categories, namely Employer Services and Employee Services in ESIC portal application login.

  • Employer Services: Services provided under this section include the following forusing employers:
  • Employer Portfolio: By  the employer website the employer can update employee details in a timely manner, keep a salary report, respond to verification of absenteeism, etc.
  • Shram Suvidha Website: This portal allows an organization to meet all the labor laws that apply to it. Compliance can be reported in one form which makes it easier for those who complete such forms. There are important indicators of performance monitoring, thus making testing more of a natural purpose.
  • Employee Services: The services provided under this section include the following for employees:
  • ESIC IP Portal login: The Insured Person can access the IP portal with his / her insurance number (such as Username) and verify the details of the contribution paid in his or her name, assess the right to various benefits, etc.
  • Medical Benefit Rate: The Medical Benefits Scale brings insured individuals and their family members to a set of guidelines in which they can receive medical benefits.


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